July 24-26, 2018
Toronto, Ontario

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Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit Canada 2017 Agenda

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Improving Your Finance Shared Services

Heather Kaine, Senior Vice President Centres of Excellence–Finance at CIBC discusses with us the journey taken by CIBC in establishing their finance Centre of Excellence. Boosting your Shared Services organization’s maturity to the level of your global peers can be an arduous journey. Ms. Kaine also touches on which processes regarding streamlining she recommends prioritizing over others, how to mitigate tensions between different company cultures and business practices abroad, elevating the way people perceive Shared Services, and how a Shared Services organization can bring themselves on par in terms of maturity with their global peers.

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SSON’s 2017 State of the Shared Services Industry Report

With much of the discussion around Shared Services evolution hinging on new opportunities that have presented themselves in recent history, SSON recently canvassed its members to find out their best practices in delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Inside this exlclusive report take a more in-depth look at how your peers are measuring success, setting efficiency targets, and resourcing most effectively.

Exclusive Content

Canadian Cross Industry SSCs and Expert SSO Perspectives

In this brand new infographic gain perspectives on data management from two V.Ps, Charanjit Singh, VP Shared Financial Services at Ontario Power Generation, and Tony Sayer, VP Assistant Corporate Controller Shared Services at Parker Hannifin Corporation. Also introduce yourself to the current state of industry SSCs in Canada, and SSOs globally.

Evaluating Canadian Shared Services Locations in 2017

If you're a part of or have interest in this industry, you need to see this highly interactive report. Put together by SSON, this report will reveal the in's-and-out's of shared services in Canada from the top locations to how overhead costs compare.


Nearshore vs. Offshore: What Type of Shared Service is Best for You?

Your company has made the big step in deciding to implement international shared services into its infrastructure. Now comes the hard part figuring out how far from home you should go. Myriad factors from language barriers to trade laws make for an incredibly complex decision. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks for both offshore and nearshore shared service operations.

How Does Robotic Process Automation Fit Into Your Operations?

Robots are at the center of today’s business process automation revolution, where they take the form of software programs used to automate business activities such as accounts payable and receivable, transaction processing, and order management. So what's different? .

Tools & Templates for HR Shared Services

We’ve received numerous requests from members for help in designing, managing, measuring, and benchmarking their support services. Many of these requests relate to HR. That’s why we have collaborated with ScottMadden to bring you a 6-step Toolkit to launching, running, improving, and developing an HR shared services solution.


How to Jumpstart your SSO Journey with a Compelling and Data-Driven Business Case

Tony Sayer, VP Assistant Corporate Controller Shared Services at Parker Hannifin Corporation, discusses in his presentation overcoming roadblocks once you’ve embarked on a compelling and data-driven business case journey to jumpstart your SSO. As well as developing the strategy for a shared services model, examples of a case study on how to implement, and dealing with the inevitable "Noise."

Financial Master Data Management for Shared Services

Charanjit Singh, VP Shared Financial Services at Ontario Power Generation, speaks about the Enterprise Systems Consolidation Project, making a case for master data management, research and best practice findings, roadmap in the short and long-term, the MDM data ownership matrix, current solution for finance master data, implementation examples and more on lessons learned & best practices.

Finance Transformation Business Casing: How to Survive a CFO Review

Brian Chan discusses the framework for project, program and change management from the ideation stage through to execution and the post-investment review in this past presentation.

Developing a Business and I&IT Architecture & Reference Model

As Part of Your Comprehensive Shared Services Implementation Strategy, Roman Zydownyk from RCSG Inc. Consulting Services, discusses the status of SSO in his organization, key lessons & shared services 1.0 to 2.0, considerations when moving to a shared services model: transitioning through the stages and establishing scope. Also integrating business services with back office functions, and a case study of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Employees: Your Greatest Asset or Your Biggest Risk?

Dennis Dodo, CPA, MBA, and Vice President - Shared Financial Services at Ontario Power Generation, divulges the considerations his organization undertook when implementing a shared services model: single or multi-function? He also discusses their steps toward the approach: Centralize, Consolidate, Assess Risk, Mitigate and Assess Results.


Canada's Workforce Ranks in the Top 10 in the World & What That Means for You

Nova Scotia attracts more investment than any other state or province in North America. Here's why: Find out why Manulife, a leading financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States, chose to expand its operations in Halifax (more).

Evolution of Canadian Shared Service Centres from 2000-2015

Explore the shared services landscape in Canada in this visual analytics workbook from SSON’s global analytics centre, Dart Institute. Play with the data to understand the functions and industries that are being serviced across each province, including city drilldowns, and understand the patterns in cross-industry SSC growth over the past 15 years.

The Evolution of U.S. Shared Service Centers from 2000-2015

SSON’s new global analytics center, Dart Institute, brings you their latest research on the growth trends in U.S. SSC location, function and industries. It displays the data in an interactive visual format to help you understand the shape of the current U.S. SSC landscape and where it’s heading in the future.

• What are the most popular U.S. cities and states as Shared Services Center locations?
• How and where are U.S. SSCs expanding their functional scope?
• How do graduate talent availability and starting salaries compare across states and affect SSC location selection?


From Denial to Exploration: Gaining Employee Commitment to a New Vision

In order to enact change, leaders must engage and enable the entire organization, which can only be done with frequent and timely communication. Further, messages must be clear, credible and heartfelt about the direction of the change. Read on to learn more insight from Vinh Lien, Director of Finance & Accounting at Maple Leaf, on setting a successful change management initiative in action. 

Why is your workspace not more productive?

Why is your workspace not more productive? David McGinty, Senior Manager of Real Estate and Facilities at AMS in Canada, the Netherlands and beyond, thinks it's because the modern workplace was established in the Industrial Age and hasn't changed much since then.

Now, the problem with traditional environments is that they only allow for limited collaboration, and therefore productivity. While the work/life balance is somewhat of a myth, theories such as stretch assignments are all about projects leading to job satisfaction, and turns the work/life balance theory on its head.

A New Way of Looking at Data: 6 Questions with David McCandless

In this era of data proliferation, it's easy to get lost in analytics and even easier to spout what the numbers say - rather than what they mean. Enter David McCandless, Data Journalist and the Author of 'Information is Beautiful,' who specializes in presenting stories through numbers in a visually aesthetic and most importantly - simplified - way. 


Achieving Real Dollar Savings by Implementing Shared Services

The returns available through a shared services model represent a significant cost-savings opportunity for companies. Download this study of Business Case Data provided by Scott Madden.

The Six HR Shared Services Questions You Need to Know

We surveyed our shared services community to discuss metrics, talent management, service delivery, and more, to see where you stand today and where you plan to be tomorrow. Your responses gave us deeper insight into the strategies and solutions you are looking to utilize in order to implement and develop an HR shared services program. Now we're sharing the results with you.

Benefits and Challenges of Multifunction Shared Services

Why Go Multifunction? Understanding the Benefits and Implementation Challenges of Multifunction Shared Services. Download this report by Scott Madden.

Blueprint for Improving Service Delivery - HR Workload Analysis

One of the first questions an organization may ask when preparing to change its delivery model is, “where do we start?” Whether you are considering a shared services model, have implemented a shared services model you wish to improve, or are interested in making other changes to your delivery model and staffing levels, understanding who does what is critical in determining the right solution. ScottMadden recommends starting with a workload activity analysis to gather data to support these changes. The data and resulting insights highlight opportunities, provide evidence to support the changes, and create the foundation for transition plans.

2015 Annual State of the Shared Services Industry Report

The 2015 State of the Shared Services Industry report provides an insightful look at how shared services operations around the world are reacting to challenges - namely process optimization, digital transformation, data analytics, automation & new and evolving skill sets - and the opportunities presented by these trends. We've canvassed our global SSON practitioner community and documented responses from 450 Global and Regional Directors and Leads of Shared Services, Finance, HR and GBS for insight into their own practices.

IQ Content

Despite Some Set-backs, Public Sector Shared Services Remain in Vogue

The public sector has long been a prime market for Shared Services, and we’ve seen institutions in Canada, the U.K. and Australia leading the way, with the U.S. also showing signs (albeit less cohesive) of adopting this model to drive cost savings and better “service per dollar spent.” Read on about the uptick of encouraging news that continues to bolster Shared Services in the public sector.  

Legal Process Outsourcing: A Canadian Perspective

Recession. Depression. Unemployment. Meltdown. Crisis. These are some of the words being bandied about these days. It's not all that promising. Or is it? With the global economies struggling, these are undoubtedly challenging times. But with every crisis, there always seems to be some opportunities that present themselves. For the legal services sector, that opportunity comes in the form of the legal process outsourcing (LPO) industry. What began as an idea in the United States a number of years ago has now become a robust industry.

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